“SAY NO!” TO SKYDIVING at Redlands Airfield, Swindon


Say No to Skydiving is a campaign group dedicated to ending skydiving at Redlands Airfield, Stratton Road, Wanborough, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0AA .

Our Values:  We believe that we have a duty to fight and challenge injustice. We believe that planning law should not be broken. We believe that Council employees and Councillors have a duty to protect the community and to behave legally. We believe that those supporting nuisance behaviour should be informed about how their actions may harm others so that they may make an informed decision about whether to alter their behaviour or not.

Leadership: At Say No to Skydiving, we can give you, those adversely affected by skydiving, a voice and suggest to whom you can complain.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to continue the fight against skydiving at Redlands Airfield. We continue to challenge irresponsible planning decisions, irresponsible flying and skydiving. We are committed to gaining a discontinuance of planning permission for aviation activities at Redlands Airfield.

Customer Relations: At Say No to Skydiving, we are proud to serve the community and work hard to continue the fight. After ten years we are still protesting. It is up to Swindon Borough Council to listen. It is up to Swindon Borough Council to implement, and not ignore, U.K. and E.C. law and to draft planning permissions which protect, not harm, the local community. Money and prestige are not the be all and end all of existence..... 

The Law: We have legal grounds to sue both Swindon Borough Council and the owners of Redlands Airfield. Help us to raise funds to achieve this and end asocial skydiving at Redlands Airfield.

Help Us: If you can offer any help, support, comments etc. please contact us at


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